Estrella Martinez
  • UI/UX


The W3binar Series is a website dedicated to showcase the talks held byR3 Worldwide along with world-top CMOs and agencies during the COVID-19 times. The website is a video library where users are able to register their attendance and replay the conversations on demand.

To start the project, I began by narrowing down the user’s needs while accessing a video library like this: signup, save to favorites, download, share, create transcripts, etc. Followed by a series of wireframes to showcase the basic elements on the UI as well as the user journey. 

Along with our marketing department, we mapped out the entry points our attendees would join the platform: social media, invitation, newsletters, etc. After this, I followed up by creating the complete journey: from sign-up, all the way to transmission. download and replay.

Once I got my journey on point, and approved by key stakeholders, I created high level mockups with the final design, which then was developed by our amazing development agency.

My duties on this project not only related to design, but also included negotiation with the developing agency and project management.