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Social Media Toolkit for the Singapore Tourism Board
  • UI/UX

The Social Media Toolkit for the Singapore Tourism Board is a website created to support the tour guides in Singapore to be more tech-savvy and take advantage of social media's promotional and advertising potential.

The Singapore Tourism Board approached us with a very specific request: make social media easy for the 50+ year-old tourist guides in Singapore. Currently the average age of tourist guides in Singapore is 58 year old, needles to say that, in order for them to tackled the influx of tech-savvy tourist, a social media 101 course was needed.

With the collaboration of the Tourism Board and other team members, we created a series of articles and steps for our users to follow along, strengthen their social media channels and capture more leads.

After the content was written, I created the website architecture: a very simple and straightforward series of pages that made sense to our users, then I designed low-level mockups to validate the sections and content were in the right place, followed by high-level mockups with the final content.

But, you might be asking, why making a website for not so tech savvy users? Well, worry not, we also made a downloadable PDF version, the Singapore Tourism Board was in charge of printing and delivering the physical version with the same content, which yours truly also designed. Click here if you want to check out the printed version.