Estrella Martinez
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R3 Worldwide Website
  • UI/UX

Dedicated website for the marketing consultancy R3. During my time at R3, I was in charge of designing the company’s website and updating it as the agency evolved. What it started as a basic informational website about the company services, it slowly grew to be a catalog of all of the publications we had during our time, reports and infographics.

My work consisted on defining the needs when a new section came up by the request of other team members, such as: monthly reports, showcase interviews, articles section, news, etc. Based on these requirements, I would create wireframes with all of the features needed and present to the key stakeholders, followed by low-res and high-res mockups. One of my main goals at this project was to keep an overall look and feel with a very clear.

I was also in charge of the sitemap maintenance, and negotiations and management with the developing agency.