Estrella Martinez
  • UI/UX

Materialliance is the in-house startup of Santoni Shanghai. It is a digital platform specialized in everything seamless and circular knitting, uniting all key players of the textile industry.

When I joined the company, the project lacked any market and user research. One of my biggest challenges was to deep-dive into the world of textiles and understand the struggles of the industry. I started by creating a user research plan which began with a survey for our audience: fashion and textile designers, yarn suppliers, garment manufacturers, institutions and technology makers, in order to gather their needs and interests. This first survey highlighted the topics the users were more interested in can validated the route the project was going to.

I followed up with a series of interviews to potential users to gather their pain points and interests. Based on this feedback, I was able to create our users personas, which now guide our product strategy, we took out some sections of the paltform, and reinforced some pages, such as the tutorial and knowledge page.

The last part of my research was the creation of a user journey and service blueprint, which has helped the team to pave down the necessary development, needed n the future in order to achieve our vision.

As a consequence of my research, we have redesigned a few pages, reorganized the platform and reinforced features such as the company profile wich will strenghten the commercial strategy of the company. 

To check out the platform visit: