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iMedia Matrix tool
  • UI/UX

iMedia Matrix is a SaaS tool for media campaign expense tracking and cost benchmarking, created for R3 Worldwide clients. One of the biggest challenges of this tool is that it has to serve al different levels and types of marketing teams: local, regional, global, visual, traditional media, PR, digital, etc.

I started the project by interviewing one of our previous client at R3 (a seasoned marketing leader and his team members) on which type of information was required for them to upload and visualize while tracking expenses. After this, I created a series of simple frameworks and a simple flow to showcase all of the pages and features. Along with our volunteer client, we reviewed the steps and validated the right pages with the whole team, which turned out in high-level mockups and a practical interface to help the team to track their expenses project-by-project, period-by-period.

Currently, the tool is still been in use internally by several marketing teams of world-class brands around the world.